• Cyprus became a full EU member state in May 2004 and joined the EU Monetary Union in 2008;
  • Visa free travel to 84 countries;
  • Freedom to live, work and travel anywhere in the EU;
  • EU citizens have the right to attend school/universities within any EU country for free or with reduced tuition rates, as applicable;
  • EU citizens have the right to protection by the diplomatic or consular authorities of any EU country in a third country ( country outside the EU) where your home EU country is not represented by a consular;
  • EU citizens can access all first-class EU health care systems;
  • Cyprus allows dual citizenship.


  • One of the lowest crime rates in Europe;
  • More than 90% of the population of Cyprus speak English to a high standard;
  • Sunny days range from 300 to 340 a year;
  • In winter the average temperature is 15 C in the daytime and in summer 30 C ;
  • Population is less than 1 million people;
  • No large industrial enterprises subsequently, the air is not polluted;
  • Strict environmental controls meaning that the air is clean and beaches are crystal clear;
  • Cyprus has the cleanest beaches in Europe with the highest number of blue flag beaches per costal line in the World;
  • Legal system is based largely on the common law of England and Wales;


  • Cyprus has one of the lowest corporate tax rates in Europe of 12,5%;
  • The Cyprus tax system is in full compliance with EU and OECD requirements;
  • Cyprus is established as a reputable international commerce center, the ideal bridge between East and West;
  • 0% Inheritance Tax;
  • Tax incentives for purchasing or developing real estate
  • 0% withholding tax on any type of payments made anywhere in the world


  • Many private English schools providing complete cycle of primary and secondary education in all major cities of Cyprus;
  • The public school are of a very high standard;
  • Most schools have ties with top British Universities;
  • A number of UK Universities have been established in Cyprus offering a 100% UK education program.


  • Natural gas deposits have recently been discovered in the sea making Cyprus one of the most attractive places for investment;
  • Information & Communication Technologies expansion is continuing;
  • Shipping – largest third- party ship management center in the EU and second-largest in the world with two deep sea ports;
  • Infrastructure – two multi-purpose deep sea ports, two international airports and modern road network connecting all cities.
  • Modern free – market economy with favorable business climate.